That’s a picture of me. It’s not glamorous. I took it with my phone while sitting in my library. What you can’t see is how I am perched on the edge of a chair, twisted so the light from the window seems okay to my untrained eye. My kids are stabbing each other with foam swords. The dog is eating a coaster from the coffee table. My mother is here, too, reading furiously over my shoulder, cheering me on. And my husband, my hero, is somewhere, putting out the fires I’ve left burning so I can write a few sentences.

I live with my family in North Carolina. I edit while I write and then edit some more. I sometimes still post over on tohavetohome.com. You can read my short story THE WINDOW over on Two Sisters Writing & Publishing. I also write about writing for EPILOGUE on Medium.com. Here are a few stories:

Does Not Follow Through

Trying On Rejection 

Dogs: A Sometimes Overlooked Writing Tool

Thanks for reading.