All This I Will Give To You: Journal 3

This book continues to have a beautiful sense of place. The aroma of the grape vines and the gardenias, the beautiful gardens, and the welcoming workers. I want to go there! I want to make wine and then drink it while sitting on the balcony. I like the juxtaposition of the two characters Manuel and… Continue reading All This I Will Give To You: Journal 3

All This I Will Give To You: Journal 2

We know Alvaro is dead and now we know more about Manuel's past and the loss of his sister and his parents. This is an incredible history of loss. How does this affect Manuel and his grief process? Sounds like he hasn't fully grieved his sister's death and what does that mean for him now?… Continue reading All This I Will Give To You: Journal 2

All This I Will Give To You: Journal 1

All This I Will Give To You By: Dolores Redondo Book translation by: Michael Meigs   Here we go: The cover pictured here is not the same as the cover of the English translated version I have. I prefer this one. Covers matter! There is no window or man in profile on mine and I… Continue reading All This I Will Give To You: Journal 1

Currently Writing: 4

  Two deaths, Joseph's father and someone else? Who? What happened?   Joseph, what do you remember about your childhood? Working, mostly. Helping Mother with the animals. I loved them, the cows, goats, and pigs. Came across a pig strung up one time. Slit straight down, top to bottom. Blood all over the ground. Tied… Continue reading Currently Writing: 4

Currently Writing: 3

Who are you, Joseph? A mountain river is wild.  It can wash you clean or grab hold of you and pull you under to the rocks. You got to be careful. Why are you telling me this? Because I've seen it. Did you see someone die? Death is everywhere. What happened? Can you tell me?… Continue reading Currently Writing: 3

About Currently Writing

As fiction writers, we know that people, names, places, events aren't necessarily permanent until we decide they are. It's through the work that we figure out whether or not we want to keep or discard certain things, whether someone's wants, pains, joys, deeds, feed the story or if they just gum it up. We see… Continue reading About Currently Writing

Currently Writing: 2

  I've seen Joseph in the woods. He's comfortable there. I've seen him running on a farm, a boy, young and playful, in the dusty dry summer fields. I imagine him growing up in North Carolina at the base of a mountain. In the hollow. The Appalachian Mountains. And I hear his voice as a… Continue reading Currently Writing: 2

Currently Writing: 1

I don't have a formula for creating characters. That sounds more like algebra than fiction writing and I never was any good at math. My characters are who they are because of a lyric in a song, or because of a conversation I overheard in the parking lot of the bowling alley, or I ate… Continue reading Currently Writing: 1