Title Page Podcast


I’ve stopped recording this podcast. It was so much fun, but as many of you may know, producing a podcast takes an incredible amount of time and energy–especially if you don’t have a team. I loved talking with other writers and hope to one day start this again. For now, I’m focused on writing projects. 


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Title Page Podcast

This is that meet up with a friend for a cup of coffee, the visit with your neighbor that lasts an hour longer than expected, or the beer you had after work with your office buddy.

This is for people who get excited about a good book. This is for creators who are wading through the publishing process from start to finish. Confused by advice you’ve been given? Frustrated by another rejection? Me too.

I am not an expert. I don’t have all the answers or many at all. I’m a writer and a reader and I like talking about it.

This isn’t a scripted recording. It’s about having conversations about writing and books. It’s about stories and storytelling.

Have something to share on the podcast? Send me a note! titlepagepodcast at gmail dot com

Theme song: Keep It Loose by Sounds Like Sander