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*For those of you who live in Hillsborough, NC and close surrounding areas, Write Rabbit is also a writer’s meet-up. It’s not a critique session, just a chance to meet with other writers to get work done. Bring your laptop or notebook. Work on your WIP or your social media presence or do research. Be accountable to a group of like-minded people. Maybe you’ll meet a beta-reader or an editor or a friend. Contact me for more info or visit the Meetup listing here.

For many of us, it’s hard to reach out. It feels out of character and makes us want to stick pins in our eyes because admitting that we’re doing this writing thing, a thing that is isolating and personal, opens us up to vulnerability and criticism. And who wants that?

Here’s the thing: We have to. Sorry. But the good news is that we can be in this together. Writers need other writers. You know when you meet someone and they just get you? You click. You’ve got similar interests, experiences; you’re fighting the same battles. You feel comfortable and willing to share. That’s what writers need from each other.

Color logo with backgroundWhy Sign-Up?

When you’re up at five A.M. writing (or staring at your computer waiting for the coffee to brew), when your kids are home sick, when it’s late and you’ve had A DAY at work and you can’t seem to make your word count, when you’re stuck on a plot point and nothing is making sense anymore, when you finish your WIP and want to scream with excitement (!), know that I’m rooting for you. If this kind of connection interests you, please sign up for my monthly letter called “Write Rabbit.” It’s my way of reaching out to you, to say, “Hey, we’re doing it. Keep going.”

What Is It?

Write Rabbit is a letter I write monthly relating writing struggles and/or accomplishments. There is a Small Press Spotlight to give a helping-hand to those smaller publishers and writers (I’m not affiliated with any of these selections). There is also a chance to hone those writing skills by participating in the Flap Copy Contest. As a subscriber to Write Rabbit, you can write flap copy or a hook based on a picture I’ve chosen and included in the letter, submit it to me before the deadline, and if selected, I will post your submission in the next letter and on social media (twitter, instagram, and here on my website) along with your username or website. It’s practice and a possible way to gain exposure. Win-Win.

There will be other fun things, too. Cool people to follow on social media, interesting reads, a chance to tell us about what you’re writing. What it won’t be: spam. I’m not collecting your email addresses to sell to anyone. That’s a promise. I’m not going to send you fluff. I try to keep things short and tidy so we can all get back to the business at hand: writing.

Letter Archive:

April 2019 Letter

6 thoughts on “Write Rabbit”

  1. Hi, Liss! Write Rabbit site and logo look good. I love the idea of writers having a place to gather to work. jbc

  2. Thanks, Alissa! I’m trying to increase my list of writing contacts and information, and I appreciate this. I had trouble signing up for the newsletter—got an error msg after putting in my name and email. I’ll check again later and see if it worked.

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