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You asked me what love is once. I don’t remember what I said then, but I know now. Love is war. It’s two people wanting things, sometimes the same things and sometimes what they want is so drastically different that it makes you wonder how they got there in the first place. Sometimes it feels like the only answer, the only way forward. There’s anger and pride and propaganda for the public. There are peace talks and decisions made for the better of the people. Dining tables are set with silverware (not the good silver unless there are guests—-remember that) and paper napkins and water glasses alongside strategies and secrets. There is fighting. There are losses, gains, and moments where there is no clear winner. Most times it’s worth it. Sometimes it’s not.

Perhaps I’m to blame. For all of it.





Jo Evans is eight years old. She loves her mama and wants nothing more than for them to be safe from her abusive father. So, when her mother, Catherine, decides they should leave, Jo packs her few belongings and readies herself for their escape to Wimbee Island, South Carolina, to her Grandmother Bibba’s house.

Homecomings are never easy and when Jo and her family settle in at Bibba’s, Jo realizes she’s connected to a past she knows nothing about.

Three generations of women.

Three generations of abuse, lies, and betrayal.

Later, as an adult, when Jo becomes a wife and mother, she longs to feel grounded in her roles. She knows she must return and face the dark moments of that summer spent on Wimbee.

MAD MOON is a unique storytelling exploration of childhood memories and the effects trauma can have throughout adulthood. It’s also a poignant peek into real love, the importance of friendship, how deeply connected women’s stories can be and how that revelation can wash away sorrows of the past.

Paperback copy ISBN 978-0-578-70254-4

copyright © 2020 Alissa C. Miles


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