If Beale Street Could Talk

If Beale Street Could Talk By: James Baldwin   Let's get cozy. Grab that heavy blanket, that cup of warm whatever. Find a secluded spot, one without distractions; a place where you can take out your pen and underline all his words and not feel bad about it. Pull your grandma sweater tightly around your… Continue reading If Beale Street Could Talk

The Nightingale: Journal 3

The Conclusion: "These days, Paris was a woman screaming." (p.447) This quote is it for me. All of the women left behind in the towns, the protectors, scrounging for food, turning on each other, lying to save lives, going hungry, going mad. Will they have peace? What kind of peace does the end of war… Continue reading The Nightingale: Journal 3

The Nightingale: Journal 2

One of the struggles for Vianne and Isabelle is their conflicting views on what is "right" during this war. Is it right to protect your child and do whatever it takes even if that means having the enemy sleep in your home? Is it right to fight, to resist, to risk everything including your life… Continue reading The Nightingale: Journal 2

The Nightingale: Journal 1

The Nightingale By: Kristin Hannah Genre: Historical Fiction I'm a sucker for historical fiction. Add to that multiple points of view and smart writing - I'm sold!  I read this book in a week, which isn't easy to do when you have unneeded interruptions from hungry children. Like they need to eat or something. As… Continue reading The Nightingale: Journal 1

All This I Will Give To You: Journal 3

This book continues to have a beautiful sense of place. The aroma of the grape vines and the gardenias, the beautiful gardens, and the welcoming workers. I want to go there! I want to make wine and then drink it while sitting on the balcony. I like the juxtaposition of the two characters Manuel and… Continue reading All This I Will Give To You: Journal 3

All This I Will Give To You: Journal 2

We know Alvaro is dead and now we know more about Manuel's past and the loss of his sister and his parents. This is an incredible history of loss. How does this affect Manuel and his grief process? Sounds like he hasn't fully grieved his sister's death and what does that mean for him now?… Continue reading All This I Will Give To You: Journal 2

All This I Will Give To You: Journal 1

All This I Will Give To You By: Dolores Redondo Book translation by: Michael Meigs   Here we go: The cover pictured here is not the same as the cover of the English translated version I have. I prefer this one. Covers matter! There is no window or man in profile on mine and I… Continue reading All This I Will Give To You: Journal 1